Saturday, September 1, 2012

Next Meeting and "The Attys" Poetry Contest!

We'll be meeting again on Tuesday, September 11 at 7:00 PM in the Community Room of the Pine Valley Library. 

Please bring a couple of pages to share (6-8 copies) and be ready to offer feedback to other writers. 

All genres and writing experience are welcome!! Bring an interested friend!! 

Also, is sponsoring quite an amazing poetry contest: The Atty Awards. Why is it called "The Atty Awards"? Because Canadian poet Margaret Atwood is judging the contest!! 

Two levels of entries are being accepted through October 31: Enthusiasts may enter single poems while Competitors are to submit ten poems written in ten different poetic forms. 

Why would famed Margaret Atwood, a serious academic and renowned poet, be judging a poetry contest for Wattpad is a distinctly Canadian company, and Atwood a distinctly Canadian poet whose passion is encouraging young people to write. With the vast majority of Wattpad's writership and readership being in their teens, it's a wonderful opportunity to inspire young people to write.

So we'll talk more about The Atty Awards at our September meeting as well as share our writing with one another!! 

See you on the 11th! 

~Susanne :)  

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