Monday, August 8, 2011

Next Meeting and Writing Opportunities

The next meeting of the Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council Writers' Workshop is this Tuesday, August 9 at 7:00 PM in the Community Room of the Pine Valley Library.

Writers of all ages, genres, and abilities are invited to attend. We love meeting and getting to know new and/or beginning writers!!

Please bring 6-8 copies of 1-2 pages of your work, and we'll give both oral and written feedback. Don't worry--we're kind and helpful. After all, the reason we meet is to grow as writers, honing our craft and encouraging one another to more effective writing.

Plus, Teresa alerted us to an author talk coming up at the Campo Library. On August 27th at 11 a.m., Bryon Harrington, author of Campo: The Forgotten Gunfight will speak on the nuts and bolts of writing a book – the research necessary and the ways one goes about self-publishing and self-marketing.

Also at the Campo Library on September 24th, author and researcher Richard Carrico will be talking about his book Strangers in a Stolen Land about the Kumeyaay Indians, among other programs for California Native American Day.

We're also looking forward to a report from Betty on the first meeting of the brand new writers' group meeting on Mount Laguna last month.

In addition, for us ladies, a community I've belonged to for a year or so, She Writes, provides some excellent resources for getting into the writing business covering The Craft, The Biz, and The Community. Check out this link: She Writes Author Services.

We'd love to see you all there on August 9th! Happy Writing, all!!