Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arts and Writing Conference: May 7-9, 2010

Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council Presents
"Beauty and the Beast:
Arts In An Age Of Adversity”
A Workshop and Seminar In Literary,
Visual, And Dramatic Arts

Friday, May 7 (5 pm)—Sunday, May 9, 2010 (Noon)
(Optional one-night-only registration is available,
in deference to Mothers' Day)
Pine Valley Bible Conference Center, Pine Valley, CA
“Art is man defining himself.” Ayn Rand ... (Women too, of course!)

We offer you a time apart to rethink, to respond, to recapture. We will hear from those who live with and for the arts. We will share our own journeys and listen to each other.

We will create time for stretching our souls or dabbling in our own medium. We will also listen, perhaps more fully, for the heartbeat of a struggling world.

Do you write? Draw? Paint? Act or sing—or carry your camera with you for that unexpected “Aha!” shot?

Is it an obsession, a business, a love affair, a dream you’ve tucked between your ears, behind your eyes, to consider now and again?

What underlies your doing (or avoiding!) this demanding, enticing, yin-yang work-play?

Is it something you’re burning to say to the world that can only be said in print or paint?

Or perhaps the search for a “place of purity,” of solace, or a steady joy, brings you to the practice?

In addition, the program will include a thoughtful presentation of and response to the theme, above, with the intent of giving personal focus to the call of arts in today’s troubled world.

Workshop and Seminar
Moderated By Dr. Dean Nelson: Noted Author
Dean of Journalism, PLNU, San Diego, CA
Director, Writers' Symposium By The Sea

Guest Artists, Speakers, Musicians:
Dr. James Schaap, Professor, English/Literature, Dordt College,
Sioux Center, IA; Novelist, Essayist, Photographer

George Svoboda, Classical & Flamenco Guitar;
Teacher, Mesa College Music Program, San Diego,CA

Dianne Holly, Freehand Drawing; Norman Daniels, Plein Air Painting;
Susan Raimond, Music Composition (& Harp Concert);
Judith Dupree & Kathryn Belsey, poetry;
Donna Swennes, Fabric Art; Lee Swennes, Wood and Metal Crafting;
Larry McNamer, Front-of-House Engineer, “The Sound of Music”;
Keith Barrett, Stained Glass Art; Mesa College Guitar Ensemble
Tony Neff: Editor, BackCountry Messenger,
will teach a concurrent workshop on packaging, marketing, and publicizing your work.

MECAC, c/o Susanne Barrett, Registrar
P.O. Box 1287, Pine Valley CA 91962
(Registration form available under blog header above this post)