Monday, April 8, 2013

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 9th

Yes, the next meeting of the MECAC (Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council) Writers' Workshop will be this Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 PM in the Community Room of the Pine Valley Library.

Bring along a page or two (three at the most) to share with the group, preferably with 6-8 copies so that the group can jot down any salient points for you. 

Also feel free to bring along a friend; anyone interested in the craft of writing is welcome to attend. 

Plus, please keep in mind that April is National Poetry Month!! The excellent site for the Academy of American Poets has a wonderful page with all kinds of poetry-related activities. The theme this year is epistolary poems (poems as letters and vice-versa), and you may find more information here: National Poetry Month.

And in honor of National Poetry Month, Robert Lee Brewer, editor of The Poets Market, is again hosting the annual April PAD (Poem-a-Day) Month in which prompts are provided for writing a poem each day throughout the month of April. You may read more about it here: April PAD 2013

As April 9th is our daughter's 21st birthday, I won't be attending the Writers' Workshop meeting for April, but I wish you all the best--have a lovely meeting!! 

Poetically yours,

"Being a poet is a condition, not a profession." ~Robert Frost